‘C’est quoi le netball?’

Bringing netball to Vaud

‘I know. I know it’s an insane and ambitious idea but let’s set up a netball club in a country where netball is an unknown sport’

Who said that? (You know who you are…)

Fast forward, Aubonne Girls Netball Association (AGNA) has just kicked-off its fourth season.

Yes fourth season.

A brave idea bounced around one person’s head then led to a casual kitchen chat in the summer of 2015.

Roles were casually decided. (Little did people know what they were letting themselves in for.)

Statutes were written and notarised.

Then just like that. In a heartbeat, AGNA was founded.

11227640_1008608929182958_6190656207692421877_n (1)

4 ladies accepted the mission to bring netball to Vaud and and the local girls. Swiss girls included.

What happened next…….

Kick – off September 2015

8 girls turned up to our first training session.

Was our idea frivolous, ridiculous and a non-starter?

Christmas arrived and the number had doubled.

The idea no longer seemed to be so ridiculous.

Three years later, we closed 2017/8 with an almost full club. Nearly 40 girls.

In addition, a women’s club has arrived that thrives with new members every month as word travels.

Behind the scenes – a big AGNA family

We are 8 regular volunteers that coach, umpire, organize and dig in to run the club with weekly training sessions, regular match competitions and scratch play.

Definitely a team I am very proud to be part of.

As of June, 2018 the AGNA gang now includes two male C umpires. The guys want to join our AGNA family and they are more than welcome.

Male umpires

New in 2018

Outside public court

In June 2018, the marking of a full size outdoor netball court at the local school in Rolle was a milestone in a country that does not recognize our sport.

It is the first public netball court in canton Vaud.

How fantastic to have an outside court readily available. Passersby can spectate and learn about our little known sport in Switzerland. Maybe future new recruits to the sport?

The adults are already using the court for weekend play. The girls club has already held a very successful training session on the court. Many more will follow.

Rolle Sept 2018.jpg

New young adults club

AGNA also welcomes a young adults club. Our goal is for young women to continue to practice their sport and feed into our adult team. You are never too old (or too young) for netball.

So what next for AGNA?

This new season, AGNA has hit the ground running.

We have lots of new and old faces in the club.

We have lots of young girls who are keen to learn the sport and we hope will be the future of our club and the sport in Switzerland.

We are building our new young adults section.

We are importantly winning matches and team spirit is growing stronger.

We have two new coaches to bring their expertise and energy to the club.

The girls and us are having a lot of fun.

We are also hoping to hold a coaching qualification course for those looking to get involved in coaching netball.. Trainers and assessors from the UK have been invited and will come to lead the course and assess any candidates. Watch this space.

AGNA’s future is bright

Never ever could we have imagined how netball was going to take over our lives.

I’m sure Karen and Ange, my fellow committee members join with me to say there are days, many of them, when we talk, eat and dream netball. I have five different netball whatsapp groups on my phone. Often pinging all day long.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-20 at 17.52.49

We have met so many new people and made new, fantastic friends.

More importantly, along the way, we have introduced the exciting sport of netball to many girls.

The girls learn playing sport is fun and competing is fun and rewarding. They learn from netball the important life skills of teamwork and collaboration.

May many more girls discover the sport and AGNA. They are always welcome.

Meanwhile our mission continues

Our Swiss mission is far from over.

We continue to reply to the repeated question of ‘c’est quoi le netball?

Our Swiss netball journey is ongoing but we are determined.


For those looking to get involved with netball on and off court, we are always looking for volunteers to join us and for pretty much any skill we will find you a job.

Written by Elly Fischer – joint founder and treasurer of AGNA
Find Elly at Intelligent Digital Solutions, www.ellyfischer.com


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