Netball is a relatively new sport to Switzerland and participation throughout the country is still developing. To help the sport grow, Switzerland really needs more netball coaches.

As a netball coach, you’ll not only keep fit but will also develop a keen understanding of the sport: the skills required, the rules and game strategy. You’ll be an integral part of the team, responsible for developing a group of players and managing their expectations and personalities. Above all, you’ll help to bring this fun and fast-paced team sport to a new generation of players.

At AGNA, we’re keen to support anyone who is interested in becoming a netball coach. If you would like to get involved, please email us at

How can AGNA help?

Coaching skills are developed through a combination of theory and practical experience:

Trainee coaches are advised to devise and maintain a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan. This plan should track and document the skills, knowledge and experience you acquire, as well as identifying areas for development and planned actions.

What coaching opportunities are available in Switzerland?

Below, we set out Swiss Netball’s coaching pathway and the qualifications and experience needed to coach at each level.

Avenir Suisse is a training program run by Swiss Netball for girls aged 13-18 who don’t have the opportunity to play netball at school. Those accepted onto the program are trained alongside the national squads.

Switzerland currently has national squads in three age groups: U17, U19 and Open (seniors). The national teams compete in Netball Europe competitions, including the European Championships.

Elite coaching experience is defined as coaching a team of 12 or more players that includes at least 3 current national squad members.

Coaching qualifications


Swiss Netball does not currently award any coaching qualifications, so formal qualifications must be obtained abroad. It does, however, run an introductory course aimed at anyone who is interested in becoming a coach.

United Kingdom

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each offer their own United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) courses.

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