Being a netball umpire is a great way to stay active and involved in the sport. As an umpire, it’s your job to make fair and assertive decisions to ensure play adheres to the rules of the game. It requires knowledge of the game, skills in managing players and coaches, fitness (as you follow play up and down the court to make calls from a proper vantage point) and overall good judgment. Keeping the game fair and safe makes it enjoyable for everyone.

How to get started

If you are interested in training to become an umpire, or if you are already an umpire and would like to develop your skills and gain more experience, please e-mail us at We can advise you on how to develop your umpiring skills, give you opportunities to put your skills into practice and provide support, feedback and encouragement along the way.

Umpiring Pathway

AGNA’s umpires follow the officiating pathway set out by netball’s governing bodies. This is summarised in the table below.

For more detailed information about Swiss Netball’s Introduction to Umpiring Course and Netball Europe’s C and B Awards, please click on the buttons below.

The following courses are planned for the 2022-23 season. Information on how to apply can be found on Swiss Netball’s website at

AGNA would be willing to pay the umpiring course fees for any of our members aged 14 and over, on the proviso that you umpire on behalf of AGNA once qualified. Please get in touch with us (before applying for the course) if this is of interest to you or if you have any questions.

Practical experience and mentoring

Practical experience is essential for learner umpires to gain knowledge and confidence.  Qualified umpires will also benefit, whether you’re consolidating your skills, ensuring that you’re match ready after a period of absence, or working towards a higher qualification.

Umpires at all levels are recommended to maintain a log book of their practical experience. For those working towards a Netball Europe Award, this is a requirement for the practical pre-assessment. Click on the button below to view and print a template log book.

How can AGNA help?

ADVICE – We can inform you of the resources and opportunities available, help you to prepare a personal development plan tailored to your individual needs and guide you through the process.

MENTORING – An experienced umpire can shadow you on court or observe you in action and provide feedback. A mentor can talk through any difficulties you may encounter and provide valuable support and encouragement as you progress.

Here’s an example checklist of the points a qualified umpire will be looking out for when observing a learner umpire.

OPPORTUNITY – We would love you to umpire on behalf of AGNA. You can practice in a relaxed environment at one of our regular training sessions or (when you’ve reached the required level) umpire for us at a junior match play event or tournament. Practical opportunities for learner umpires are outlined below.

If you would like to get some practical umpiring experience with AGNA and/or would like to work with a mentor, please contact us as

Technical Officials

In addition to umpires, ‘Team White’ includes technical officials who are responsible for the accurate timing and scoring of the game. This role is often carried out by parents of our members who have volunteered to help at official matches and tournaments. If this is of interest to you, please look out for our emailed requests for volunteers.

Useful Information

Netball matches and umpire assessments apply the International Netball Federation’s Rules of Netball (2020 edition). You can view these rules – in English, French and German – by clicking on the button below.

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