Training sessions


All girls will be provided with an AGNA training t-shirt
Please wear to all Thursday night training sessions

AGNA training t-shirt

Shorts / skorts

Please wear black shorts, skorts* or leggings for training sessions.
*AGNA skorts are available at SB Sport in Gland.

AGNA black skorts


It is strongly recommended that supporting sport ankle socks are worn as this can help prevent injuries.


AGNA hoodies are optional and available to buy at SB Sport in Gland.

AGNA hoodie


All athletes should wear proper, non-marking, sports shoes.   Trainers suitable for netball are available at good sports shops including SB Sport in Gland.  Netball trainers can also be bought on-line from Netball UK.

Water bottles

AGNA water bottles – CHF10 – please ask an AGNA committee member.

AGNA water bottle

Matches / Tournaments

AGNA has its own netball dresses and shorts for all ages and all sizes.
At each match these dresses will be handed to the girls to wear with pride to represent their club.

At the end of the match these must be returned. They will be washed and available for the next match.


Adult club shirts can be purchased from SB Sport in Gland.